Nov 20

Flashmob Junkie




Some days I get in the mood to watch a Flashmob.  When I watch one on youtube, they suggest another and another and before I know it, an hour (or more) has gone by.  Here are a couple I saw this morning.

This one is Puttin’ On the Ritz by Irving Berlin – performed in Moscow and it’s lots of fun.  If it were done today, maybe it would be called Putin on the Ritz?


As I watched, I was surprised by the number of flashmobs with pipe and drum bands.  This one was in Germany.  It was nice to see them warming up in the basement of a parking garage.

I also thought it was neat near the end where they were marching through an outdoor shopping area.  When they stopped, they started talking in German.  It’s a small world!



The final one for now is this one from WestJet Airlines in Canada.

How do you turn a sleepy boarding lounge into the North Pole in 60 seconds? In 2012, we decided to surprise 166 guests waiting to board a Calgary-Toronto red-eye flight with a little Christmas cheer.



Not a flashmob in any way but it’s another WestJet video that’s really neat.  I cry whenever I watch it.





Any favorites you’d like to share?



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