May 25


Next week I’m going to a conference in Nashville for one of my jobs.  The last time – actually the only other time – I was there, it was for a Cushing’s Conference.

There are two albums of photos on Facebook from that conference.  Part one and Part two (Duh!)

It makes me sad just thinking about that conference.  Since that time, three of my close Cushie friends in attendance have died.  Sue, Natalie, and Diana.  Cookie had died the previous year but she had also been a force to reckon with. All died too young.  All the Cushies who have died have been too young.  I hate this disease/syndrome.

On the other hand, had it not been for Cushing’s, I never would have even met those wonderful friends.

In church one Sunday, one of the questions the pastor asked in the sermon was “What would your best friend think about…” and all I could think of was that nearly all my friends have died.  There’s no “best” one left.  And, I’m too young for this to be.

Last week, I was asked what I had on my Medic Alert bracelet and I responded with the words and a picture of the bracelet.  I also mentioned that mine is the same as the one Natalie always wore, in memory of her.

But, I’m hoping for a much cheerier visit to Nashville this year.  After all, this is the same conference we went to last year in Baltimore…

Read more about last year’s conference on my travel blog here:


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