Feb 13

International Book Giving Day



Some of you may know that I’m getting involved in Little Free Library (LFL) and there will soon be a new library on my street under the auspices of the O’Connor Music Studio.

When our son is home for a visit, we always go out on a hiking trail with the dog, Mimi, and sometimes my mom.  On one occasion, we saw a LFL in the middle of a trail and thought someone made it themselves.

Then there was another another one…

DS knew I was fascinated by this whole idea and ordered one for me for Christmas.

I have found one other in our neighborhood, outside the swimming pool.

Watch for more information about our LFL.

Right now, it’s in our dining room, ready to be painted and installed.



In the meantime, don’t forget to celebrate International Book Giving Day tomorrow.


From http://bookgivingday.com/

You’ve heard about International Book Giving Day. You love the idea. You’ve got some great quality books. What next?

This fabulous infographic (above) has been created by Jo Ebisujima – Jojoebi, one of the IBGD team, to help you solve that very quandary.

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