Oct 29

Giving Thanks, Day 12: October 29, 2017


Today I am thankful for my church choir.  Today the “low voice choir” formerly the Men’s Choir will be singing this:



I’ve had a long history with singing from the time I was a kid singing in the choir at my Dad’s church in Springfield, Mass.


In High School we had a great choir and it was the time before “political correctness” would have banned us from singing such wonderful classical music like Brahms’ German Requiem.


In college, as a music major, there were choirs and when we finally got to our current home, I joined Sweet Adelines.


I was a member of Sweet Adelines for 10 years, singing bass, before Cushing’s robbed me of that particular pleasure. SA takes lot of energy between rehearsals, performances, competitions, traveling. I just loved it but I couldn’t keep up.


My old chorus, but years after I left:



For a few years, I belonged to a local woman’s group but even that got to be too much after a while. There wasn’t the traveling or the competitions but rehearsals and performances cut into that energy.


A few years ago, our church choir director opened up the opportunity to sing for just the Christmas Cantata. No long-term commitment and only half the rehearsal time for about 10 weeks.


I hadn’t sung anywhere outside my car for about 10 years but, with trepidation, I signed up. Because of my bell-ringing and work with children’s choirs, I knew most of the other choir members and that made it a LOT easier on shy-me.


Christmas came and singing with the choir and orchestra was just fantastic. There was the invitation to stay, to become a part of the choir for good but I had my Cushing’s Interviews on Thursday nights and I couldn’t see how I could work all this in.


Then, the choir sang How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place from Brahms’ German Requiem and I was hooked. How could I not join?



So, I moved the interviews to Wednesday nights and Thursdays are free for choir rehearsals.


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