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Oct 21

Giving Thanks, Day 4: October 21, 2017

  I am so thankful for all my doctors but today I am thankful for Dr. Amir Al-Juburi who saved my life by removing my kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma).   In 2006 I picked up my husband for a biopsy and took him to an outpatient surgical center. While I was there waiting for …

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Oct 20

Giving Thanks, Day 3: October 20, 2017

  Today, I’m thankful for my “Cushie Car”. Since I started attending Cushing’s events, I’ve always tried to rent a PT Cruiser. There’s just been something about them that I liked. A couple years ago, after my son was out of school, I was getting tired of driving the Mom-Carpool-Van everywhere. I think my mom …

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Oct 19

Giving Thanks, Day 2: October 19, 2017

Today I am hugely thankful that the last major issue we had here was in 2013 when Tom had his heart attack.  That event caused me to start a whole new blog to post about our experiences.     Adapted from   January 27, 2013 was our 40th anniversary.  DH called me and said he …

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Oct 18

Giving Thanks, Day 1: October 18, 2017

  Today, since it’s a “teaching day”, I’m thankful for my piano studio, my students, and my piano 🙂   When I was growing up, my dad was a minister, meaning we lived in whatever parsonage the church chose to let us live in.  The one we had in Pawcatuck, CT had an upright piano …

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Sep 22

The Best Day

I first read this in Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul and is posted several places online. The Best Day Of My Life by Gregory M Lousignont Today, when I awoke, I suddenly realized that this is the best day of my life, ever! There were times when I wondered if I would make it to today; …

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Sep 11

We Remember 9/11

    I originally wrote this on 9/11/01… I, too, was stunned to hear the news this morning and continuing throughout the day. It was just something unbelievable.  My husband and I were on a Land Rover 4X4 tour of the off-road areas of Barbados when we first got the news. At first, when we …

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Sep 08


All this talk about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma reminds me of Hurricane Carol which hit where we lived when I was a kid. At the time we lived in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, right on the line with Westerly, Rhode Island.  Luckily, we also lived on a small hill.   My Mom said “let’s go down and …

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Aug 19

World Photo Day is Today!

  Today is another of those “Who Knew” holidays. I was recently talking to someone about our upcoming trip to Scotland and she reminded me to take lots of pictures.  Then, she said to be sure to print them out so she could see them. Um, no way!  I haven’t printed out pictures since probably …

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May 29

Memorial Day 2017

Thanks, Grandpa…  You weren’t American, but you fought valiantly for the cause overseas. I never met my grandfather.  He had died in Peshawar, India, fighting for the Black Watch during World War l.  Peshawar was on the northern frontier of British India, near the Khyber Pass. In 1947, Peshawar became part of the newly independent …

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May 25

It’s Also National Tap Dance Day!

  Another of the Who Knew?-type posts. It’s National Tap Dance Day.  When I was a little kid, I took the “required” ballet and tap classes for a year.  My mom has a picture of me in my tutu and one in my majorette costume for the tap recital.  I imagine I only took for the year …

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