May 06

Apple Watch

A few weeks ago, in one of my Facebook groups, we were talking about using the JoyTunes metronome on the new Apple Watch since a couple of the piano teachers there had preordered them.

I jumped in (or course!) and said that I’d been reading all I could, watching videos but I wasn’t sure if I wanted the Watch or the new Pebble Time that is also coming out this summer.

I was unsure about the Watch band since I’m very allergic to those silicone bands that are used for various causes – and other watches. I’m also allergic to latex (and nickel and…) but I found that the Watch (sport model) had a fluoroelastomer band.  Say, what?

So, I looked that up and found that most people with these allergies are ok with fluoroelastomer.

The teachers in my group also said that third-party bands were already coming out.  Why hadn’t I thought of that?

So, on April 21, I hesitantly gave Apple my debit card and got the notification that shipment would be in June.  I expected that since it was in all the news that pre-orders weren’t shipping until much later.  I remembered that from the iPhone 6+ shipment woes.

No problem.

On April 23, I got notification that my Watch would arrive on the 24th.  I must have chosen the most unpopular one they had – the Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with Blue Sport Band.


I’ve been wearing, learning, enjoying my Watch for over a week now.  Many people, except for DH, recognize it immediately and ask about it.  I was in New York last weekend having breakfast and a woman from another table came over and asked about it.

I haven’t learned all that I can, of course, but what I’ve tried so far, I like, especially the health-monitoring aspects.  I do nothing but the Watch tracks it all.

Many apps I already have are getting Watch-ready updates.  Some are great some so-so.

I’ve tried several new-to-me apps and many have already gone by the wayside.

I find myself using the watch more because it’s easier than getting my phone out of my pocket, especially on the train for that New York trip.

After a while, I’ll update this with my favorite apps.  Right now, I have all these. They’re not symmetrical, so I need to get rid of at least 4 for my own aesthetic happiness.



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