May 05

A Shell of a Day



I needed gas for my car last week.  I was on my way to bell rehearsal so I didn’t have time to go to my usual place.  Instead, I stopped by the station that was on my way.

I had stopped going to this particular gas station many years ago when I thought that they were adding water to the mix.  My engine had sputtered whenever I’d put in gas from there.

Anyway, I was in a rush, so I went there, to the first pump I came to.  The gas flowed into my car, no problem.  The hose clicked off as always.

When I removed it from my tank, gas sprayed everywhere.  On me, on the car.  I dropped the hose on the ground until I figured out how to turn it off manually.

I looked at the meter and I wasn’t charged for the extra gas.  Good thing!

I grabbed a lot of their paper towels and cleaned my car off as best I could.  Used a LOT of hand sanitizer on me and headed to rehearsal.

First rehearsal went fine.  At the beginning of the second, someone mentioned smelling gas and I said it was me – and related my tale.  Someone else said they could smell it on my car in the parking lot.  <sigh>

Got home, took a l-o-n-g shower and extra cortisone.

DH went up to the gas station to have a word with them.  The person on duty said this happens “a lot”.

Wednesday, DH called the station owner who suggested it was my fault.  Then he called the main company “Customer Service” who offered us back $.25 (yes, 25 cents)  for spraying myself with gas and becoming a possible fire hazard.

DH explained the concept of class action suit when I did a Google search and found over 2 million hits for “gas pump sprayed me”


That was over a week ago.  “Customer service” was supposed to call back.  Of course, they haven’t yet.

Stay tuned!

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