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Oct 31

Giving Thanks, Day 14: October 31, 2017

  Today I am thankful for my dog, Mimi. She’s a beautiful dog, sweet, loving and usually very mild-mannered, but she’ll bark her head off whenever she hears someone in the driveway.   Tonight, she barked at potential trick-or-treaters and we have lots of candy left over.    Thanks, Mimi!  

Oct 31

Happy Halloween!


Oct 31

Who Knew? Scotland Invented Halloween!

IT SOUNDS like a bold claim to make, but evidence suggests that, if not for Scotland, Halloween would not exist – at least not as the world knows it.In medieval times, the 31st of October was the last day of the old Celtic calendar. Scots druids referred to it as Samhuinn, a term which loosely …

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Oct 30

Giving Thanks, Day 13: October 30, 2017

  Today, and every day, I am thankful for coffee. Without it, I would have a daily headache and I’d have even less energy than I have now.   I first started drinking coffee when I had my first job as a waitress at a Hayes-Bickford in Boston, MA. This was a summer job. A …

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Oct 29

Giving Thanks, Day 12: October 29, 2017

  Today I am thankful for my church choir.  Today the “low voice choir” formerly the Men’s Choir will be singing this:     I’ve had a long history with singing from the time I was a kid singing in the choir at my Dad’s church in Springfield, Mass.   In High School we had …

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Oct 28

Giving Thanks, Day 11: October 28, 2017

  Today, I am thankful for Saturdays. It’ the one day of the week I don’t have to be anywhere, do anything. I can do webwork, if I want, but I don’t have any deadlines.   I never have doctor appointments on Saturdays, no medical testing.   No piano students. I don’t even talk to …

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Oct 27

Giving Thanks, Day 10: October 27, 2017

Today, I’m grateful that my Growth Hormone finally arrived (L-o-n-g saga to follow)     Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 11:08 PM on Facebook Me: My $450 monthly co-pay refrigerated medication was overnighted to me yesterday, arrived a couple miles from my house at 7:05 this morning. UPS couldn’t get it to me today so they’ll …

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Oct 26

Giving Thanks, Day 9: October 26, 2017

  This is going to sound really stupid but today I am thankful for my dropbox.   I have files all over the place and I work on them on different computers (PC and Mac), at home or at work, on my iPhone, iPad and other places. If I’m away from home without any files (rarely happens!) …

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Oct 25

Giving Thanks, Day 8: October 25, 2017

  TiVo. I love that I can fast forward through commercials and have all my favorite shows waiting for me when I lie down on the sofa (and fall asleep!) I probably wouldn’t have gotten one of these when we did but our son got us one for Christmas many years ago. He had it …

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Oct 24

Giving Thanks, Day 7: October 24, 2017

Today I’m thankful for Travel. We’ve been fortunate to be able to travel to several interesting places. Some, like Iceland, we just lucked in to. We’d wanted to go to Ireland but the travel agent couldn’t get us in at any time over that summer. She did get us a deal where, if we flew Iceland …

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